No such thing as a lazy child

Yesterday, I went on a run with Team in Training – the charity that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society… We were to run 8 miles up and down hills.  I was petrified of injuring myself, especially my knees.  I have previously never run more than 7 miles without feeling it in my knees, at which point I quit for about 6 months until I feel better and nice and chubby.

As we ran I joined up with a lovely lady named Cami.  She and I started talking about her brother who is fourteen and has received very mixed grades at school in the last year.  As I huffed and puffed along and talked so that I wouldn’t think about running, I was reminded of the terrible way that I had approached my 5th grader when he first brought home mixed grades this last October and November.

I believe my husband and I  simultaneously asked..”why aren’t you studying?”  “Are you just being lazy?”  “Don’t you understand the process?”  Finally, my child, barely holding back the tears managed to get out that he had no clue how to study, because he had managed to get all the way through the school system up until this point without studying. 

Now he felt like a real idiot that he needed to study, because he had been branded at school as a “smart kid” and apparently smart kids do not need to study.  I apologised (being a respectful mom) and bought him some index cards.  Then, I gently showed him, that  you read the text at least three days in advance.  You make some notes.  You read the text over two night before.  The night before the test, all you should do is to read your notecards. 

Cami’s brother was also being told he was lazy.  But he is 14 and has much greater face to lose than an 11 year old.  Of course, it is difficult for him to ask for help, because he is one of those “smart kids” and thinks he has just turned “stoopid” overnight.  Now everyone is calling him lazy and the saddest turn of events would be if he began to think of himself as lazy.

So now we return to my over-riding fear of running 8 miles.  I don’t think many people would claim I was lazy if I didn’t run the eight miles, but for those who tell people “you are lazy” for not walking a mile, or whatever their challenge may be…I challenge you…that the issue is not laziness, but probably just being overwhelmed by the challenge at hand.

I ran the eight miles, I didn’t get hurt.  I also had three to four people, from coaches to the lovely Cami who ran with me, telling me YOU CAN DO IT!  I HAVE FAITH IN YOU.


Please Visit My Calendar

Hi Everyone:

I have had several people ask me when and where I will be performing over the Summer time.  Please visit my calendar, which is on the menu to the right of this section.  It will give you all the information that you need.

I am still figuring out how to link the wordpress blog to my website.   Should you wish to gather more information on shows available, please feel free to visit me there at

I am so looking  forward to seeing you over the Summer.  Please do come and say hallo after the show!

Ms. Bits N' Bobs

First Day of School Vacation

I have really concluded that I am currently writing this post for my mom, for she is one of the only people whom I have told that I have a blog.

But for all of you parents out there…my goal is to post the shows that have been filmed for the Land of Imagination and then between us, I hope that we can come up with some creative ideas for kids to jump into, where The Land of Imagination and Ms. Bits n’ Bobs inspire them to use their own bits n’ bobs around the house to create their own stories and projects.

I would love to hear some of your kids stories and will post them up on a Kids Page if the idea gets that far.

All of that, being said and NOT done yet…my kids are on on their first day of Summer vacation.

My just graduated 5th grader has gone off to play a pick up game of basketball.  Then he is supposed to go and get some lunch with some friends.  Here is the concern…I have never let him have this much autonomy from me and he does not have a cell phone yet.  So…he is supposed to call me when they leave one location to go to the next.  He is with about 8-10 other boys his age.  This makes me more secure and freaks me out simultaneously.

Okay…he just called.  Step one to greater independence for him.

So…now my girls, they are five and seven (excuse me 7 and a half)!  They are making sugar cookies.  I am just going to plug Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie  Mix.  They are super delicious and provide an hours worth of entertainment.  Sprinkles and frosting ensure even more enjoyment and fun.

But at the end of it all…Mom, can we please go back and watch TV.  My 71/2 year old has it down to a science.  She waits till I am on the phone and then she mimes the TV set and then gives me the cute face.  What is a girl to do?  I want to blog, I want to write and I don’t want my kids to turn into television globs?  Sooo….I’m trying Ladies, Gentlemen, Kids, Dinosaurs and Ants, I’m trying!

Vacation Cookies with sprinkles and marshmallows

Ms. Bits n’ Bobs – Episode #3 The Three Billy Goats Gruff

I hope that you enjoy the third in the series of Ms. Bits n’ Bobs in The Land of Imagination.  Once again, thank you to HCTV – Channel 22 for the courtesy of allowing me to podcast these shows on my blog.

Crazy End of School Year

Hi fellow overwhelmed moms:

The end of the school  year is upon us.  I just had a friend tell me this morning, as I dropped off my five year old at school, that if she received another email asking her to give another gift, bring party food, participate in another end of the year celebration, she was going to totally lose it.  She has been receiving aprox. 150 emails a day detailing what she needs to do for her two kids end of the year school and sports parties.

God bless her, she made me feel as though my life was quite good.  For I have certainly been there.  But today, I am feeling quite zen about the end of the year parties.  I have finally bought into the fact that I can only do the amount of volunteering that I can handle.  With three young kids, that is  not a huge amount.  I have always wanted to overachieve in the volunteer area, but as I was stressing out over it, I realised I wasn’d doing anyone any good, certainly not my kids or my husband, and probably not the schools or the teams I was helping, (well, maybe them).

So…my parenting advice of the day…don’t do too much…and feel good about it.

Hello world!

Hallo World:

My name is Nicole, and if you have found my blog, you probably know me better as Ms. Bits N’ Bobs, a children’s entertainer, (I perform mostly fairy tales and shows I make up around losing those fairy tales.)   If you found me miscellaneously my website is  I live in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  I am a mother of  three and fans of my shows and friends have suggested for many years now that I write a blog that gives parenting tips and ideas on how to entertain children.

I am no expert on children, except for the fact that I have three of my own.  I love entertaining children.  They are the most wonderful audience that I have ever had in my many years of live theatre.  They are attentive and entranced when one is doing a good job, and they leave to do other things if you are not.

I know that it is an old adage, but I think that it is a wonderful, to find that five minutes at bedtime to tell your child a story.  We have a series in my household, called “The Adventures of Penny”.  The episodes revolve around a penny that originally fell out of a cash register and rolled down the street.