Swim like a Fish

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It’s summertime and a great time to make a school of fish

Here are our ingredients:

Cupcake holders

foam rounds or paper rounds

googly eyes

heart stickers



Choose your cupcake holderIMG_3680

Fold the cupcake holder in half


Cut it down the middle IMG_3682

Cut up as many cupcake holders as you wish to make the tail for the fishIMG_3683Take your foam round and put on some glue dots

Remember dot dot dot, not a lot


Glue your tails on your fish, with the crinkly side facing out.IMG_3685

Stick on your googly eyes and your heart shaped mouth.IMG_3686

Choose a name for your fish.

This is Sho Sho the Fish


Make some fish friends and soon you will have a school of fish.IMG_3691

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