Ms. Bits N’ Bobs and Her Magical Cloak – ABC Series

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O for Owl! HOoo HOoo The Friendly Owl!
A for Apple
B for Bicycle
C for Carrot! Carrot’s are Yummy!
D for Dog! Such a Cute Bulldog!
E for Elephant! What a Painting!
F for FoX! Oh, Foxy Loxy!!
G for Giraffe! Cuddle in with Giraffe!
H for Hedgehog – Hang Out with Hedgehog!
I for Ice Cream – Yummy Yummy in My Tummy!
J for Jet! Hooray for J!
K for Key! – Where’s the Key?
L for Llama – Llama Llama Bobama!
M for Moon – Peek-A-Boo Moon!
N for Noodle – Hello Noodle! Have You Seen My Poodle?
O for Owl – Hooo Hooo The Friendly Owl!
P for Peacock – Peacock Feathers Everywhere!
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