My First ABC Book

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These are the materials that you will need for your first ABC Book.2015-09-07 00.16.52

Let’s begin with three pieces of card stock, cut the same width and length. 2015-09-07 00.17.20 (2)

Fold the three pieces of card stock in half.2015-09-07 00.17.55 (2)

  Staple one staple through the center line like this.2015-09-07 00.18.38 (2)

Make sure you staple it from the outside.2015-09-07 00.22.50

So the inside has the potentially sharp bits.2015-09-07 00.23.03

Now it’s time to take your marker and decorate your front page.2015-09-07 00.23.38

This is what I wrote, you can write whatever you want. 2015-09-07 00.25.40 (2)

Now it’s time to take your sticker letters and stick them in the book.

2015-09-07 00.29.22I hope you’re having lots n’ lots of… 


2015-09-07 00.32.09

Come to the Ms. Bits N’ Bobs show this Thursday, September 10th @ 10:00 am – Manhattan Village Mall and make your very own ABC Book!

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