The Unicorn and ABC Book

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These are the materials that you will need for your first ABC Book.2015-09-07 00.16.52

Let’s begin with three pieces of card stock, cut the same width and length. 2015-09-07 00.17.20 (2)

Fold the three pieces of card stock in half.2015-09-07 00.17.55 (2)

  Staple one staple through the center line like this.2015-09-07 00.18.38 (2)

Make sure you staple it from the outside.2015-09-07 00.22.50

So the inside has the potentially sharp bits.2015-09-07 00.23.03

Now it’s time to take your marker and decorate your front page.2015-09-07 00.23.38

This is what I wrote, you can write whatever you want. 2015-09-07 00.25.40 (2)

Now it’s time to take your sticker letters and stick them in the book.

2015-09-07 00.29.22I hope you’re having lots n’ lots of… 


2015-09-07 00.32.09






Parentless Play AKA Exhaust your kids without exhausting yourself!

  • Directions for you to offer your child:  Find three bits n’ bobs around the house, these can be found anywhere in the playroom or the kid’s bedroom.  (These objects do not have to be a toy, they could be a kitchen utensil, a box, some recycling, any bit n’ bob).  Please use these objects, most wondrous child of mine, to turn yourself into a creature who will gallop to the Land of Imagination.  When you arrive, please make up a story using these three bits n’ bobs.  When your story is made, please draw it for me or write it down for me to read.

Parent set up AKA – Set it up and let your child explore his or her creativity.

  • Make horses for galloping:  There are multiple mediums that you can use for this project:
    • Paper and pencil or crayon
    • Clay
    • Sculpy
    • Model magic
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Sticks from a tree outside
    • Leaves

When the magical horses have been made, you can photograph them and Ms. Bits N’ Bobs will put them up in “The Gallery of Art in The Land of Imagination” and the horses should make their own individual journey to the Land of Imagination.  Offer a suggestion, that they visit their favorite stories and books to get to the Land of Imagination.


Parent and child play – AKA Let the Ocean of Imagination flow freely.

  • Hide three bits n’ bobs around the house or garden.
  • Give your child clues about what the bits n’ bobs might be.
  • When your child has successfully found the bits n’ bobs, sit down with them and tell a story together.
  • Begin the story Once upon a time….Trade off sentences …until it all concludes Happily ever after.

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