Crazy End of School Year

Hi fellow overwhelmed moms:

The end of the school  year is upon us.  I just had a friend tell me this morning, as I dropped off my five year old at school, that if she received another email asking her to give another gift, bring party food, participate in another end of the year celebration, she was going to totally lose it.  She has been receiving aprox. 150 emails a day detailing what she needs to do for her two kids end of the year school and sports parties.

God bless her, she made me feel as though my life was quite good.  For I have certainly been there.  But today, I am feeling quite zen about the end of the year parties.  I have finally bought into the fact that I can only do the amount of volunteering that I can handle.  With three young kids, that is  not a huge amount.  I have always wanted to overachieve in the volunteer area, but as I was stressing out over it, I realised I wasn’d doing anyone any good, certainly not my kids or my husband, and probably not the schools or the teams I was helping, (well, maybe them).

So…my parenting advice of the day…don’t do too much…and feel good about it.

One Reply to “Crazy End of School Year”

  1. Hi Nicole! Love the blog…congrats. Now try not to get to obsessed…lol! Yes, the end of this year is so so crazy…not enough time in the day! I have a photo for you! Hopefully I can get my act together and get to you before the year is over.

    Hope to see you around blog land…and if you want any help with set up, analytics, design, etc. just holler (I have a lot of experience in this…not sure if that’s a good thing…lol).

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