Hello world!

Hallo World:

My name is Nicole, and if you have found my blog, you probably know me better as Ms. Bits N’ Bobs, a children’s entertainer, (I perform mostly fairy tales and shows I make up around losing those fairy tales.)   If you found me miscellaneously my website is www.landofimagination.com.  I live in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  I am a mother of  three and fans of my shows and friends have suggested for many years now that I write a blog that gives parenting tips and ideas on how to entertain children.

I am no expert on children, except for the fact that I have three of my own.  I love entertaining children.  They are the most wonderful audience that I have ever had in my many years of live theatre.  They are attentive and entranced when one is doing a good job, and they leave to do other things if you are not.

I know that it is an old adage, but I think that it is a wonderful, to find that five minutes at bedtime to tell your child a story.  We have a series in my household, called “The Adventures of Penny”.  The episodes revolve around a penny that originally fell out of a cash register and rolled down the street.

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