I have really concluded that I am currently writing this post for my mom, for she is one of the only people whom I have told that I have a blog.

But for all of you parents out there…my goal is to post the shows that have been filmed for the Land of Imagination and then between us, I hope that we can come up with some creative ideas for kids to jump into, where The Land of Imagination and Ms. Bits n’ Bobs inspire them to use their own bits n’ bobs around the house to create their own stories and projects.

I would love to hear some of your kids stories and will post them up on a Kids Page if the idea gets that far.

All of that, being said and NOT done yet…my kids are on on their first day of Summer vacation.

My just graduated 5th grader has gone off to play a pick up game of basketball.  Then he is supposed to go and get some lunch with some friends.  Here is the concern…I have never let him have this much autonomy from me and he does not have a cell phone yet.  So…he is supposed to call me when they leave one location to go to the next.  He is with about 8-10 other boys his age.  This makes me more secure and freaks me out simultaneously.

Okay…he just called.  Step one to greater independence for him.

So…now my girls, they are five and seven (excuse me 7 and a half)!  They are making sugar cookies.  I am just going to plug Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie  Mix.  They are super delicious and provide an hours worth of entertainment.  Sprinkles and frosting ensure even more enjoyment and fun.

But at the end of it all…Mom, can we please go back and watch TV.  My 71/2 year old has it down to a science.  She waits till I am on the phone and then she mimes the TV set and then gives me the cute face.  What is a girl to do?  I want to blog, I want to write and I don’t want my kids to turn into television globs?  Sooo….I’m trying Ladies, Gentlemen, Kids, Dinosaurs and Ants, I’m trying!

Vacation Cookies with sprinkles and marshmallows

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