Every Monday, I run a small learning pod in my local area, Manhattan Beach. I have a story time followed by an arts n’ craft. Every week the Garbage Truck drives by. We invariably stop the show, as all the kids yell out, “Ms. Bits N’ Bobs, the Garbage Truck is here!” We wave and the drivers wave back. They are our heros for the day. So I decided to make a show all about Garbage Trucks for my online class as well as my live class. If you know a family where there may just be a child who really really wants to know about Garbage, Trash, Rubbish and more…just send them over to the Land of Imagination where Garbage is always a messy story with a fantastic arts n crafts!

My shows and classes are intended to make learning fun and to boost a child’s confidence and imagination. Ms. Bits n’ Bobs has a magical cloak covered in toys and every toy has a story associated with it.  In this class we learn about Garbage Trucks and what they do.  From driving a garbage truck, to how and where the trash is dumped. We learn about recycling and composting.  We learn where to put the trash at home and how to wash hands after touching trash.  All classes are interactive, involve singing, movement and drawing or coloring. I look forward to seeing your kid in class.

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