As per usual, it’s been a while since I last wrote an article for “Land of Imagination”.  As you might expect, all my live shows for 2020 have been canceled.  As my children all seemed to pivot so seamlessly, from in-person school to studying at home; from plans for prom and graduation to drive through masked graduation. From faking a smile in a borrowed graduation gown in front of the university’s mascot to the “dorm experience” flipping to an off-campus apartment and starting your Freshman year at university online.  I feel that the least I could do is pivot my business and attempt to be as flexible as my teenagers.

Hence, I began to offer small live learning pods to parents and children of pre-school and kindergarten ages in my local community.  Every Monday morning, I grab my turquoise beach chairs and stripy towels and head to the greenbelt by my house, acutely aware that I have a greenbelt and good weather to offer this service.  A Ms. Bits N’ Bobs show would not be complete without a coatrack to hold all the colorful magical cloaks for myself and my young students.  Each week we cover topics from Colours to Shapes, from Ducks to Dinosaurs.  We play with Autumn leaves and paint them. Of course we did pumpkin decorating and a costume parade for Halloween.

Part of our Monday morning ritual is that about halfway through every class, the Great Green Garbage Truck drives by.  We always stop whatever we are doing, be it dancing, singing or painting and wave hello to the Great Green Garbage Truck drivers, who wave back to us – a wonderful weekly moment of connection in these COVID times.

Twirling around the Greenbelt waiting for the Great Green Garbage Truck

For historical purposes, I would be remiss I forgot to document that before we begin each class, I take everyone’s temperature and then the kids take my temperature and we all wear masks through the class.  It’s strange to think that this group of kids does not think this is strange at all.  

Before COVID, when I performed a show, the kids and I would high five at the end of class.  At the end of the last class, Joey and Maggie blew me kisses through their masks.  Then they ran around grabbing the kisses in the air and put them all in my pocket so that I would feel loved for the whole week until I saw them again.

So, in the spirit of my young students who teach me every Monday in so many ways,  I am blowing you kisses into all your rooms, your offices and your kitchens and your homes.  Please put the kisses into a safe place in your hearts and know that someone, somewhere loves you.

That’s it for today’s insight into a day in the life of Ms. Bits N’ Bobs during the time of COVID 19.  

If you’d like to learn more about our Learning Pods, please click here.

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