The Itsy Bitsy Spider – Ms. Bits N’ Bobs and Her Magical Cloak Episode #8

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I share the tale of the Itsy Bitsy Spider in the spirit of our current day and age – not everything that we think is scary necessarily is.  Many of us are afraid of spiders and we pass on that fear to our families, children and grandchildren.  At the same time the Itsy Bitsy Spider is a very cute spider and a universally known song.  As I have produced both live and filmed shows of “The Land of Imagination” over the years, I’ve had so many suggestions as to how I can pull the concept out of the real world and into the dimension of imagination.  I always wanted to root the show in the kids and where their imaginations could take them, but wondered why I didn’t jump into the idea of a fully animated version of the show and sets that were in “not in the real world”.  In the last year, as I have produced these filmed version of Ms. Bits N’ Bobs, I’ve come to realize that the greatest “Land of Imagination” is the one that we have all created.  It is the real world.  And each one of these creations from the first house built from wood or brick, to the idea of a fork, drinking milk from a cow, picking a lobster from the ocean and thinking that might be delicious was a leap of imaginative faith by an individual whom people probably thought was a little bit out there.  So, once again, in the spirit of accepting into your life an idea, a person, an institution that you might find a tad scary, I invite you to watch The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

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