The Apology –  Real Life In the Tibbetts Household

cats fighting

From off camera/off stage/ another room in the house

Laughter and Giggling

A Whack – A Thump – Crying

Tallulah:  Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!  Olivia threw the ball at me.  She said it was an accident but it wasn’t!

Olivia: (Silence radiates from their bedroom.  The door is shut,  possibly locked)

Me:  I knock on the girl’s door.  It opens an inch.   (Whispering – I point to the phone – I have a client on the phone – I’m pretending that I am in my big, fancy, corner office.  There’s an imaginary Oscar on my imaginary desk.  Sometimes it’s an Emmy)

Shhh… What’s going on.

Olivia:  She’s a baby.  I’m trying to do homework.

Talllulah:  Sobbing loudly

I knock again.

Me:  Can you please figure this out with your sister?

Olivia:  Fine! (Stomp Stomp Stomp)  I’m soooooo soooooorry, Talllluuuulah!                  

Tallulah: You don’t mean it, you’re being sarcastic.

Me:   (Still on the phone – Covering the mouthpiece – whispering)  Do I have to lose my temper and have fire scorching through my eyeballs, or can you kids resolve this in the next three minutes?

Tallulah and Olivia give me the big eyes.

Olivia and Tallulah:  Close the door.

I give ’em the Mommy Squint.

Olivia and Tallulah:  Please.

I close the door.

Tallulah:   Mom’s weird.

Olivia:  What did she even mean about the fire scorching eyeballs?

Tallulah:   Why did you say sorry sarcastically?

Olivia:  Fine. I’m sorry.  (Stomp Stomp Stomp)

Me:  (Still on phone)  Thank you so much, ma’am.  You’re booked for a  summer show.

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The Apology – In the Land of Imagination

baby bears fighting

 From off camera/off stage/ another room in the house

Laughter and Giggling

A Whack – A Thump – Crying

Olivia:   Oh, mama…sweetest mama… I feel so terrible.  I threw the ball to Tallulah to help us with our hand/eye coordination and it hit her by accident.  I’m so concerned about her.

Tallulah:   Don’t worry Olivia, it was just a little accident.  I know that you’d never hurt me on purpose.

Olivia:  I’m awfully sorry, Tallulah. 

Tallulah:  No biggie.

Olivia: Let’s finish our homework and then go outside and throw the ball and have imaginary play for a few hours.

Me: (On the phone – an Oscar and an Emmy on my desk)

Thanks Ms. Television Producer.  I’ll see you in the studio to begin shooting the new Ms. Bits N’ Bobs series over the summer.


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